NEW RELEASE: Cinematique Instruments release Lap Harp

NEW RELEASE: Cinematique Instruments release Lap Harp

The Lap Harp is a music instrument from eastern Europe also known as 'Perepyolochka' in Cyrillic, which literally translates to „Little Quail“. Due to its easy playability its popular with musical beginners. In nature it has 15 diatonically tuned strings, which are often in the key of G major. In the Kontakt patch you can play it chromatic and well tempered.

Cinematique recorded the Lap Harp with 3 Articulations, 4 Round Robins and 2 Velocities at a quiet low volume. For the articulations C chose a plectrum, the fleshy side of a thumb and a piano hammer. Plus many more additional functions and effects.

The end result.. an instrument which enriches your music with a nice, organic feel whether you use it as a solo or just as a background instrument!

Get this brand new Kontakt Library for only £33.00 inc vat!