NEW RELEASE: Cinesamples CineHarpsichord

NEW RELEASE: Cinesamples CineHarpsichord

The latest instalment in Cinesamples' hit 'cine' series has finally arrived! Introducing Cinesamples CineHarpsichord...

With four stops and three distinct sonic characters, CineHarpsichord is versatile enough to be suitable for use in scoring and classical applications. It's authenticity only adds to its charm as Cinesamples have done a great job in capturing the character and depth of the original 1624 Lohannes Rückers Colmar harpsichord.

Although a virtual harpsichord may not be at the top of your wishlist, there's no denying that extra special something it will add to your tracks. Who knows, maybe this has been the missing puzzle pieces that your latest project has been crying out for?!

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