NEW RELEASE: VSL Epic Orchestra 2.0 - now available individually!

NEW RELEASE: VSL Epic Orchestra 2.0 - now available individually!

At 73 GB, VSL's Epic Orchestra 2.0 is ten times the size of the original version and was included with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7. The great news is that for the first time this huge library is available to buy on its own!

Epic Orchestra 2.0 is a powerful library that includes all the instruments and articulations from the original Epic Orchestra, re-edited and mapped for the new Vienna Synchron Player, and enhanced by the integrated convolution reverb with customized impulse responses from Synchron Stage Vienna.

New Instruments and Articulations

  • Synchron Strings All Patches - Shorts, sustain lyrcial vibrato, flautando
  • Synchron FX Strings - Vertical tremolo pad, harmonic clusters sustains, fast glissando cluster, rise & hits fast detaches
  • SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Violins - Full legato, licks up
  • SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Violins - Full legato, half tone trill
  • SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass - Staccatos, portatos, sustains, sustains blared
  • Synchron Percussion - Snare, bass drum, tam-tam
  • Power Drums - Tama Star (sticks)
  • Vienna Smart Spheres - Vader Voltage, Canon, Halifax Point, Barrac

Special introductory price of £66/€75/$75.