NEW RELEASE: Eventide CrushStation distortion plugin

NEW RELEASE: Eventide CrushStation distortion plugin

Eventide has just released another exceptional effects plugin CrushStation - a versatile, stereo distortion platform with controls that can enhance any track with creamy saturation or create a brutal sonic assault.

Distortion is just the starting point of which CrushStation has to offer. Multi-effects allow you to mix by adding a three-band EQ, Compression, Octave Mix and, Eventide’s unique take on failing hardware, the Sag control.

This is not just a tool for guitars, Eventide CrushStation will also make any synth, drum or vocal stand out in your track!

Key Features:

  • 35 PRESETS painstakingly tailored to cover all the bas(s)es
  • DRIVE from shallow subtle boost to deep overdrive distortion
  • GRIT and SUSTAIN pushes into fuzz territory
  • GRIT for low-end, gritty, chugging sounds
  • 3-Band EQ to shape your tone
  • GATE your signal to tame an aggressive distortion output, or get aggressive with high threshold gating and dry MIX for parallel gated crunch.
  • RIBBON lets you ‘play’ the effect in real-time and provides dynamic and fluid control to morph back and forth between the settings of your choice.
  • HOTSWITCH allows you to instantly switch between two different distinct settings within the same preset at the push of a button.
  • MIXLOCK keeps MIX control constant as you audition presets 

To celebrate the release of this brand new plugin we are offering a huge 60% off until 31st May - making it only £34.95/€39/$39