NEW RELEASE: Eventide MicroPitch

NEW RELEASE: Eventide MicroPitch

Eventide has just released another exceptional effects plugin - MicroPitch a fine-resolution pitch shifter for subtle tone fattening, plus delays for dramatic slap back effects.

MicroPitch can take you beyond the run-of-mill stereo spread effects of simple micropitch plugins. It goes above and beyond by allowing you to mix in detuned and delayed versions of your source, creating depth and dimensions which haven't been possible before.

Key Features:

  • Two voices of pitch shifting, one from unison to -50 cents, the other from unison to +50 cents, each with up to 2 seconds of delay.
  • Classic stereo-spreading effect
  • Slapback effects using longer delay times
  • TONE for fine-tuning the voices to fit perfectly in your mix
  • PITCH MIX for layering the two voices by setting the balance between each shifted delay.
  • MOD DEPTH and RATE for a chorusing effect on each voice
  • FEEDBACK for pitch dive/rise effects

To celebrate the release of this brand new plugin we are offering a huge 60% off until 31st May!