NEW RELEASE! Eventide Spring Reverb

NEW RELEASE! Eventide Spring Reverb

To coincide with the launch of NAMM 2020, Eventide have released Spring Reverb - an effects plug-in that models the sound and character of popular spring reverbs found in guitar amps. It also takes things further...

In addition, Spring Reverb gives you the ability to manipulate physical parameters that aren't typically available in a real spring tank. This means you can achieve faithful recreations of real springs as well as distinctive new sounds.

Eventide fans will also love the fact that the beloved performance controls made popular in Blackhole, UltraTap and MangledVerb plugins are available along with Tremolo – a tube amp style tremolo – to further nuance or exaggerate guitar tone with fun and intuitive controls.

Not just a tool for guitars, Eventide Spring Reverb will also make any synth, drum or vocal stand out in your mix!

Spring Reverb Key Features

  • Artist presets by Matt Lange, Nick Hook, and Nu-Trix.
  • Tempo Sync reverb decay to your DAW
  • Craft original sounds by changing the number of springs and damping frequency
  • Alter overall resonance by selecting the size of the spring tank 
  • Tube-amp-style tremolo that can be routed pre- or post-reverb
  • Create chorus-like effects by altering Modulation Level
  • The Ribbon controller allows for dynamic modification of several knobs at once to easily morph between settings
  • Programmable Hotswitch provides ability to jump instantly to an alternate sound at the push of a button

To celebrate the release of Spring Reverb there's a huge 70% off until 29th February - making it only £26/$29/€29!