NEW RELEASE: HybridTwo Project CHAOS

NEW RELEASE: HybridTwo Project CHAOS

HybridTwo's mission is to provide customers with extremely powerful yet easily customisable tools to help make the process of composition much easier yet every bit as great sounding and unique. Their latest release 'Project CHAOS' epitomises this approach perfectly.

Project Chaos features HybridTwo's most advanced UI to date while keeping with their philosophy that ease of use is king. With Project Chaos, you have access to 4 layers, each with their own advanced step sequencer, featuring per-step sub sequencers for volume, sample start, tuning and pan. Add to that their custom scripted modulation matrix featuring 2 LFOs and 2 Sequencers and the rhythmic possibilities are insane — and they’ve never been this easy to achieve.

Key Features

  • HybridTwo's most advanced UI (Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1+)
  • 2+ gigabytes of all new sample content
  • Bring in your audio and create your own Project Chaos expansions with the included Bank Manager tool
  • Custom Preset System
  • Per-Layer Step Sequencers with Per-Step Sub Sequencers
  • Sample selection across up to 32 Sample Categories on every layer
  • Solo play mode and Menu play mode with Keyswitch Tuning per-layer
  • Modulation Matrix with 2 Scripted LFOs and 2 Sequencers
  • Created by renowned sound designers Daniel James and Aaron Frensley
  • Open Wave Format allows easy drag and drop of all sample content into your DAW

Plus, if you buy before 15th November you'll save 20%!


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