NEW RELEASE - Ilio Age of Icons

NEW RELEASE - Ilio Age of Icons

ILIO have released their very first patch Library for Overloud TH-U!

The first PATCH library for Overloud's TH-U from ILIO, one of the largest tone packs available for purchase for Overloud's TH-U Premium.

Each patch takes inspiration from an iconic group or song. Using TH-U's "Scenes" feature, each patch includes up to four variations (such as chorus tone, solo tone, and verse tone) directly inspired by its corresponding track or group.

Variations have changed the game in TH-U and neatly organize your patches, providing an extremely fluid way to stomp through different tones, especially when playing live.

Included Patches:

  • Still of the Sykes (4 variations)
  • Lifelight (4 variations)
  • California Hotel (4 variations)
  • Mindnever (4 variations)
  • PW&J (4 variations)
  • Choo Choo Mackerel (4 variations)
  • Mrs Scarey (3 variations)
  • Flower Moon (3 variations)
  • EJ & The Bear (4 variations)
  • Solid Gold (3 variations)
  • Bostone (4 variations)
  • Poundcake (4 variations)
  • Ozzys Axemen (3 variations)
  • It Came From the 80s (4 variations)
  • SynthAssist (4 variations)