NEW RELEASE - Ilio Elevator Bi-Directional Sonics for Omnisphere

NEW RELEASE - Ilio Elevator Bi-Directional Sonics for Omnisphere

Meet Elevator a brand-new expansion library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 from Ilio!

Ilio Elevator - Bi-Directional Sonics harnesses the power of Omnisphere's powerful Modulation Matrix and multiple layers.

It reimagines how the modulation wheel is used to control sources (e.g., pitch, depth, speed, delay, reverb amount, waveform shape, symmetry, hard sync, FM, Ring Modulation movement, and colour), meticulously programmed to modulate each element simultaneously.

Turn your musical creations into risers, falls, transitions, and create drama, movement, and anticipation.!

It's different to other Omnisphere patch libraries...

Elevator is unlike any other 3rd party patch library available for Omnisphere. Given most of the 112 patches were programmed with all 4 Layers utilized in a single Part (Omnisphere's 8 multitimbral Parts contain 4 Layers, each), you can combine or solo each Layer to isolate and perform a more "thinned out" version. This gives you hundreds more sound possibilities! 

Did you buy the pre-release version of Elevator in the Black Friday sale? As promised at the time, you're entitled to download the full pack for free! You should receive an email direct from Ilio with the download details.


Requires Omnisphere 2