NEW RELEASE: Impact Soundworks Javanese Gamelan

NEW RELEASE: Impact Soundworks Javanese Gamelan

Impact Soundworks is back with another unique sample library for Kontakt - introducing Javanese Gamelan an ancient, tuned percussion ensemble from Indonesia.

The transcendental tone of the Javanese Gamelan has inspired composers for centuries: and with twelve unique instruments and a custom ensemble builder, it’s now at your fingertips.

The library includes twelve individual instruments comprising the ensemble: Bonang, Demung, Gambang, Gender, Gongs, Kempul, Kempyang, Kenong, Kethuk, Peking, Saron, and Slenthem. Each has been sampled with fully-sustaining and dampened notes, in 16 dynamic layers, which allows deep playable and responsiveness.

Key features: 

  • Beautiful wide UI for Kontakt 5.8
  • Custom ensemble builder patch
  • Per-instrument tuning, timing
  • Harmony builder, microtuning
  • Single patches w/ 3 tunings
  • Includes CONSOLE, over 30 FX