NEW RELEASE: Impact Soundworks Modern Harpejji

NEW RELEASE: Impact Soundworks Modern Harpejji

Perform the expressive, versatile, and wholly-unique sound of the Harpejji with Impact Soundworks' new Kontakt library Modern Harpejji!

Modern Harpejji for Kontakt Player captures the full range of clean tones from a 24-string Harpejji K24 and gives you unparalleled tools to shape the sound to your own taste.  

The Harpejji, handcrafted by Marcodi Musical Products in Maryland, USA, is one of the most unique instruments of the 21st century. Played by such musicians as Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, Jordan Rudess, and A.R. Rahman, it combines elements from traditional keyboard instruments with bass & guitar, with a unique layout (up to 24 strings) that is played exclusively by tapping.

Virtuosic leads (with vibrato & pitch bends), walking basslines, and rich chords are all equally possible - at the same time!

Key Features: 

  • Fully custom Kontakt engine
  • Stack up to 3 strings for an ensemble sound
  • Switch to treble, bass, or combined strings
  • Customize the touch and feel of the instrument
  • Newly-expanded CONSOLE FX rack and mixer
  • Now includes premium delay, reverb, and compression

Add some unique sounds to your mix with this versatile instrument!