NEW RELEASE! Keepforest Evolution: Devastator Warzone

NEW RELEASE! Keepforest Evolution: Devastator Warzone

Keepforest have just unleashed their newest addition to the Evolution Devastator Series!

First, there was Evolution: Devastator. Then, there was Evolution: Devastator Deathmatch. Now, there is Evolution: Devastator Warzone!

Evolution: Devastator Warzone is a premium collection of hand-crafted custom Signature Sound effects, Bass and Braams, Signals and Signs, Drum Loops, Pulses, Guns and Recharges, One Shots, Cinematic loops and Artist Stems. The library has modern and aggressive character that can be heard in a lot of trending movies and TV series. The Evolution: Devastator series will definitely be a irreplaceable part for movie and game sound designs, as well as for composing trailers and soundtracks. 

These sounds are reminiscent of Mick Gordon's OST of the modern DOOM games and of composer Marcin Przybyłowicz soundtracks for Cyberpunk 2077! All you'll ever need for hard hitting soundtracks!


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