NEW RELEASE: Overloud release two new rig expansions for TH-U

NEW RELEASE: Overloud release two new rig expansions for TH-U

Overloud has delivered two more exciting Rig Libraries for their award-winning and market-leading guitar amp simulation software TH-U!  

Overloud Mad-in-Italy MK50 Rock TH-U Rig Library

Mad-in-Italy MK50 + SL Guitar EQ is the TH-U expansion library That recreates the sound of a MadCat MK50*, an Italian 50W head with 3xECC83 triodes, 2xEL84 power tubes and Mercury Magnetics* transformers.

The MAD-IN-ITALY MK50 + SL GUITAR EQ includes...

  • 38 rigs captured with multiple dynamics and channel settings
  • the unique SL Guitar EQ effect, inspired to a 4K Console eq
  • A bank with 22 ready-to-mix presets
  • A bank with 9 ready-to-play presets


Overloud Choptones Bogie RK6L6 TH-U Rig Library

Overloud Bogie RK6L6 Giant Pack is the TH-U expansion library, created by Choptones, They have recreated the sound of a Mesa Boogie Roadking loaded within 4x6L6, 2x6L6 and 4x6L6+2xEL34 settings.

With 4 different channels, the head is very versatile and generates a wide range of tones, from crisp clean to ultra-high gain. Each channel has different voicing, which has been all captured in this library:

  • CH1: Clean, Fat, Tweed
  • CH2: Brit, Fat
  • CH3: Vintage, Raw, Modern
  • CH4: Vintage, Raw, Modern