NEW RELEASE: Overloud release 2 new TH-U Rig Libraries!

NEW RELEASE: Overloud release 2 new TH-U Rig Libraries!

Overloud has produced another 2 new Rig libraries for their multi-award winning flagship guitar amp simulation software TH-U!

Overloud Brit Silver Jub TH-U Rig Library

Brit Silver Jub + SL Guitar EQ is the TH-U expansion library seeking to recreate the sound of a Marshall Silver Jubilee* head. The pack includes:

  • 70 rigs captured with multiple dynamics and channel settings
  • the unique SL Guitar EQ effect, inspired to a 4K Console eq
  • A bank with 40 ready-to-mix presets
  • A bank with 9 ready-to-play presets


Overloud Choptones Fend Srev TH-U Rig Library

Fend SRev is a TH-U expansion library that has been created by Choptones, looking to recreate the sound of a Fender Super Reverb*. This is the perfect choice for any Funk, Rock and Blues players.

The Fender Super Reverb ’65 Reissue* is a milestone of guitar amplification. This old vintage Super Reverb* will get your jaw-dropping, but if you cannot find that 60’s one you're looking for, don't worry as you are able to, finely tune the sample using old caps, transformers and real singing vintage 10 inches CTS speakers, turning it from a great amp into an amazing amp.