NEW RELEASE - Overloud REmatrix Bundles of 3 or 5

NEW RELEASE - Overloud REmatrix Bundles of 3 or 5

Overloud have released a new Bundle option for owners of REmatrix, where you can buy 3 or 5 REmatrix libraries for a reduced price!

REmatrix IR libraries are the perfect way to add award-winning, coveted, and unique reverbs into your tracks. Choose from 12 available packs created by Sabino Cannone (MoReVoX) as well as Grammy® Award-Winning engineers like Rafa Sardina and John Paterno that will expand your sonic palette into new dimensions.

Every individual library in the collection is the result of extensive capturing and editing work, and includes hundreds of recombinable IRs and presets that were created during real mixing sessions. Each included library is also a standalone product, meaning that REmatrix is NOT required for use.

For Use in REmatrix or the Included REmatrix Player

Each library includes the free REmatrix player plug-in that allows you to load any IR and preset included into the library. Alternatively, you can load this library into REmatrix for enhanced tweaking and editing of the included IRs.

Some of the libraries you can get are Rafa Sardina Spaces, JP Verbs, Studio Sessions II and more...