NEW RELEASE: ProjectSAM Colours Adaptive Runs

NEW RELEASE: ProjectSAM Colours Adaptive Runs

ProjectSAM add to their Orchestral Colours series with a new release Adaptive Runs and an update to Animator and Orchestra

ProjectSAM Colours Adaptive Runs is the smartest and most intuitive orchestral runs library yet. Tapping from a vast audio pool, with runs ranging from a 4th interval to 4 octaves, ADAPTIVE RUNS perfectly and effortlessly syncs to your track, allowing you to keep focusing on your composition.

ProjectSAM's Adaptive Sync engine effortlessly syncs the orchestral runs to the next downbeat or any custom number of beats or seconds. The engine automatically picks the best matching recording, then tweaks it further so that it hits the mark exactly. Turning off synchronization automatically reloads the samples in disk streaming mode, a useful feature in low-RAM situations.

Add some colour to your tracks with this effortless instrument!