NEW RELEASE: ProjectSAM S4 Pandora Adaptive Orchestral Transitions and Effects

NEW RELEASE: ProjectSAM S4 Pandora Adaptive Orchestral Transitions and Effects

ProjectSAM S4 Pandora is now available! Also known as Symphobia 4, Pandora Adaptive Orchestral Transitions and Effects (to give its full name) continues ProjectSAM's esteemed reputation for developing the world's best cinematic orchestral virtual instruments for Kontakt.

Summon rousing cinematic risers, foreboding falls, and earth-shattering crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility. S4 Pandora will give your action, sci-fi, and horror scores a blockbuster boost and save precious time!

In addition to a whopping 140GB+ of orchestral ensemble recordings covering strings, brass, woodwinds & percussion, and powerful fully customizable sound design tools, S4 Pandora's innovative new features include...


Tapping from a vast orchestral pool of crescendos, rolls and risers, Adaptive Sync automatically picks the closest recorded length available and intelligently tweaks it to match your hit point exactly. A huge time-saver!


Use the Cluster Pulses feature to instantly add cinematic drive with idiomatic high energy pulses recorded for strings, brass and woodwinds, including matching crescendo intros and outros.


2 to 15 seconds in length, recorded in various playing techniques and dynamics and on-the-fly, real-time stutter, pitch and other dramatic effects. Use Adaptive Sync to match the risers with your track and tempo perfectly.


Combining the library's individual articulations, effects, pulses and percussion, Pandora’s Combos hold some of the biggest orchestral ensembles you’ve heard yet. All elements inside a Combo are able to directly communicate with one another, allowing for musical wizardry such as the on-the-fly aligning of a col legno hit to a brass crescendo climax. Or a big tutti diminuendo at the end of a riser.

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Don't forget, if you already own a Symphobia or Orchestral Essentials titles you can buy S4 Pandora for less! Just select the relevant option on the product page!