NEW RELEASE: Red Room Audio Cue Builders - Cinematic Rhythms

NEW RELEASE: Red Room Audio Cue Builders - Cinematic Rhythms

Following on from their popular 'Travelers' series at the beginning of this year, Red Room Audio has released the first title in their brand new series of 'Cue Builders'.

Cue Builders libraries for Kontakt go far deeper than traditional loop libraries, offering up to 6 stems per phrase, separated by tonal color, with the ability to individually tweak their volume, panning, stereo width and EQ.

Cue Builders debuts with Cinematic Rhythms – a massive 16GB / 19,000 sample collection of epic and world percussion phrase performances.

Drop fully orchestrated, driving percussion beds right into your cue. Alternatively, easily combine elements from each phrase to create your own bespoke percussion performance; mixing taikos or frame drums from one phrase with the snare ensemble or oil drums from another.

Add the ability to mix close and hall mic positions, adjust start and end points and select from 4 exported BPM for exceptional tempo-syncing quality. Many phrases also include variations, expanding the library's content even further.

A hand-picked team of 10 sound designers from around the world performed phrases in 6 time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8 and 12/8) using a vast boutique collection of meticulously deep-sampled percussion instruments, all recorded on a scoring stage.