NEW RELEASE: Red Room Audio Sounds From Hell

NEW RELEASE: Red Room Audio Sounds From Hell

Red Room Audio has released two new Kontakt sample libraries for their new series – Sounds From Hell!

Red Room Audio Sounds From Hell is a multi-chapter sound design anthology tailored for action, suspense, sci-fi, horror and dark audio. These gripping and dramatic collections represent Red Room Audio's collaboration with more than 10 designers from around the world to provide a fresh, diverse, and evocative arsenal of sinister cinematic tools.

These exhilarating sounds are set in a simple yet powerful engine with an accessible and easy-to-use feature set to quickly inspire your most malevolent creations.

Hits & Transitions contains over 2400 energising samples in 7 categories – Booms, Braams, Downers, Hits & Impacts, Reverses, Risers and Whooshes.

Ambience & Underscore contains over 16GB of melodic content in 4 categories – Drones, Pads, Pulses and Soundscapes – all produced expressly for adding underworldly texture and atmospheric motion to your compositions.