NEW RELEASE: Rob Papen release B.I.T. - Analogue Modelled Synthesiser

NEW RELEASE: Rob Papen release B.I.T. - Analogue Modelled Synthesiser

B.I.T.  Back In Time is unlike previous Rob Papen synthesisers, instead of combining analogue modelling with hybrid synthesis, B.I.T. focuses on Analogue Modelled Synthesis. This classic analogue type of synthesis has its own charm therefore, no spectrum waveforms, or samples are inside B.I.T. - it is pure ‘Analogue Modelled’ synthesis!

B.I.T. is modular - The Modulation Matrix is used for the patching, however, also included is the smart ‘advanced’ panel below the Oscillators. With these advanced features (accessed by switching the ADV switch), you can quickly make several connections such as LFO and Envelope to the Oscillator parameters inside of B.I.T. There's options to modulate Oscillator 2 by Oscillator 1 in several ways which expands the sound pallet with Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation. The arpeggiator also works in sequencer mode giving you a fully featured Arp that has an additional free row to modulate other parts of B.I.T. by using the Modulation Matrix.

Key Features:

  • 16 voice virtual analog synthesiser
  • Over 800 presets
  • Fully Featured Arpeggiator
  • Soon to be NKS Compatible
  • Superb Sounding FX
  • Dual Oscillator
  • Modulation Matrix
  • Includes Reverb 

eXplorer 5 users - download the latest installer as B.I.T. becomes part of the eXplorer 5 family!

With an intro discount in June it's your turn to go Back in Time & Be Inspired Today with B.I.T.!