NEW RELEASE - Slate Digital MO-TT

NEW RELEASE - Slate Digital MO-TT

Have you always wanted to use Ableton's OTT in another DAW, now you can, with Slate Digital's MO-TT

For years, producers have turned to the legendary OTT setting in Ableton to add life and drama to their tracks. Now, you can get that exact sound with MO-TT, Slate Digital’s new dynamics processor that adds fire and energy to your tracks like never before.

slate digital MO-TT

What is MO-TT?

MO-TT is the first true recreation of the iconic OTT preset in Ableton’s Multiband Dynamics processor—a sound prized by producers to make tracks sound brighter, fuller, and larger than life. But the original OTT suffered from several limitations. It took a lot of work to customize your sound, and you could only use it in Ableton.

Until now.