NEW RELEASE: Softube release Volume 3

NEW RELEASE: Softube release Volume 3

You can have the best singer in the world, using the best microphone, but if you send your signal through an EQ, compressor, reverb, or mastering limiter that's anything less than the best, your results will never sound as good as they could. Every plug-in in the new Volume 2 collection is the best-sounding version available of what it is, meaning you can rely on them to match up to, even enhance, the great sound you work so hard on. 

From mixing synths, electronic and acoustic drums, synth bass, bass guitars, keys, acoustic guitars and vocals to creating synth sounds of your own, this bundle contains over £2450 worth of plug-ins...


    • The complete mixing and mastering bundle from Softube.
    • 23 plug-ins including three new titles.
    • Unrivalled sound quality, keeping your signal chain unbroken.
    • Softube Preset Collection now active – use tags, images, colour-coding and more to organise and refine your sounds.
    • Soft-synths, amp simulators, signal processing tools, effects plug-ins and more.
    • 90 minute tutorial video from Puremix included in purchase

    With an intro discount until 31st July you can get it now - From £96!