NEW RELEASE! Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello

NEW RELEASE! Sonora Cinematic Poiesis Cello

Poiesis Cello is a stunning virtual cello focused on organic textures and extended techniques, bought to you by Sonora Cinematic!

Sonora Cinematic believe in sound as an art form, bringing us carefully curated sample libraries such as Modular Explorations and Magnetism which feature a strong focus on cinematic sound design and soundscapes. Their latest release, Poiesis Cello, takes this deep knowledge of music, sampling and programming to the cello.

Poiesis cello was recorded in a dry studio with three high-end microphones placed relatively close to the instrument, to offer an intimate sound that you can shape as you please.

Poiesis Cello will allow you to instantly create beautiful (or beautifully ugly!) soundscapes that will inspire new music the first time you touch the keyboard.

Until November 15th, you can save 20% with the intro discount!