NEW RELEASE: Sonuscore Lyrical Bundle

NEW RELEASE: Sonuscore Lyrical Bundle

Sonuscore are proud to present their first collection of the lyrical series – a collection of virtual instruments, whose power is unreachable with ordinary sampling methods. It combines the best of both worlds: the creative freedom a composer enjoys – and the expressivity and emotionality a real instrumentalist sets free. 

Get the emotional power and unparalleled performance of outstanding solo artists while keeping your creative freedom as a composer. The Lyrical Bundle contains 

Lyrical Cello Phrases: The feeling of having a world-class cellist with you, live whenever and wherever you were making music.

Lyrical Vocal Phrases: A new kind of vocal solo instrument designed for cinematic soundtracks. A crystal-clear and celestial vocal with unprecedented quality and expression.

Lyrical Violin Phrases: Unafraid to take the spotlight, Lyrical Violin Phrases offers the bold, passionate and high-quality solo magic that traditional sampling has yet to achieve.

Until 31st March, save up to 66% on the Lyrical Bundle from Sonuscore. If you already own one or two Lyrical titles from Sonuscore, you can upgrade to the bundle for a reduced price!