New Release: Sonuscore Origins Vol 4 Oud and Qanun

New Release: Sonuscore Origins Vol 4 Oud and Qanun

The previous three releases in the Sonuscore Origins have transported us to various corners of the world, and now it's time to take a trip to Northern Africa and the Middle East courtesy of Origins Vol 4 Oud and Qanun.

The Qanun is, a renowned Arabian relative of the Zither, is famous for its unique, melodramatic sound.

The Oud has been the key instrument across Middle Eastern and North African traditional and popular music for centuries, even millenniums in its region of origin. This forerunner of the European Lute impresses with its signature sound, enjoys the spotlight in your mix and pairs splendidly with the Qanun.

As with all Origins libraries, you can play both instruments independently or in beautiful concord via the build-in Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD). Choose from numerous tasteful patterns and presets that will kickstart your own creative journey with the instrument and drive your inspiration forward.

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