NEW RELEASE: Sound Dust Loop Pool Percussion

NEW RELEASE: Sound Dust Loop Pool Percussion

New Sound Dust Loop Pool Percussion for Kontakt will take you on a journey of beautiful and bonkers percussive adventures!

Sound Dust Loop Pool Percussion pours more than 1000 loops by composer Marcio Doctor into the Loop Pool engine to create a sample instrument with a gazillion rhythm and texture possibilities.

Loop Pool Percussion is about hitting any note and hearing what happens when you mod wheel through four BPM synced stem variations. With the unique time funnel feature that adjusts playback speed per layer, a single note can be very fertile ground indeed. Add more notes for more inspiration and rhythmic interplay.

It's ridiculously fun and inspiring!

Key Features

  • 1.5GB total size - 1.3GB download
  • 1055 .wav stem loops
  • 3 sample sets - BAM & TSCHAK, MOONDOG generator and GROOVEPOOL
  • 100  full loops curated by Marcio and Sound Dust
  • 60 Kontakt instrument (for Kontakt 5.8 and Kontakt 6.1.1)
  • Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into the interface

We highly recommend watching Pendle and Percy's walkthrough video below! Save a generous 40% until 26th February 2021!