NEW RELEASE: Sound Dust Sponge Piano

NEW RELEASE: Sound Dust Sponge Piano

Composer, sound designer and lover of funny noises – Pendle Poucher, aka Sound Dust, has released his next quirky yet strangely useful Kontakt instrument – Sponge Piano.

Sound Dust Sponge Piano is the result of a beautiful Cramer upright piano being played with a sponge dampening the string to give a sound that carries the weight, emotional oomph and play-ability of a traditional piano. But with something a little different going on.

What's inside?

  • One Kontakt .nki instrument
  • 1,200 24bit binaural samples recorded with Jecklin Disc technique
  • Lovely Cramer upright piano with every note over 7 octaves sampled with up to 20 velocity layers
  • 458MB download ( NCW compressed from 1.6GB sample pool)
  • Multimode humanised ARP/sequencer
  • Cunning pseudo round robin system
  • Keyboard velocity sensitivity adjustment
  • Voice stack mode for up to eight notes at once
  • Note attack speed control
  • Note sustain control (note length) pre-mapped to Modwheel (changeable by right-clicking)
  • Transient, Tape, Delay and Cabinet modelling effects.
  • Three-band EQ
  • A hint of room reverb
  • All controls will show up in DAW automation
  • Fully NKS compatible
  • Requires FULL version Kontakt 5.8.1 or above

Plus, if you buy before 25th November you'll save 20%!