NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Cathedral of Junk

NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Cathedral of Junk

Soundiron release Cathedral of Junk, and unorthodox collection of sounds recorded in Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas is an odd place. So odd in fact, that “Keep Austin Weird” is virtually the officially recognised slogan of the city itself. 

Among the strange are many fascinating and creative people, each exploring and giving back in their own way. Sometimes a guy just wants to build a towering castle of steel, plastic, glass and all manner of other glorious scraps that modern progress and consumption has wrought in his own backyard for over 20 years. And sometimes a guy has to fight for the right to keep what he’s built when the powers that be come along and tell him to tear it all down. Meet Vince Hannemann, the “Junk King”, and welcome to his amazing Cathedral of Junk

This library includes playable multisample instruments of the coolest and most musical oddities Soundiron found, edited and programmed with precision for maximum playability and musicality. It covers everything from old cymbals and refrigerators to saw blades and artificial legs. The final result is a grand old scrap-heap orchestra!