NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Cylindrum for Kontakt

NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Cylindrum for Kontakt

Deep, punchy tubular tuned percussion - the new Soundiron Cylindrum for Kontakt is a massive tuned percussion instrument designed using the principle of open and closed air column resonance.

The instrument was constructed by Gregg Stephens with the help of some rather involved mathematics, plenty of elbow grease and quite a few bloody fingers! The end result is a massive 20-foot-long tuned percussion instrument with a pitch range spanning a full 4 octaves. Overall, it sounds like a strange organic synthesizer coupled with tuned tom toms.

With deeply nuanced dynamic velocity layering and extensive round-robin variation, the Soundiron Cylindrum instrument is truly an experimental percussionist's dream come true. 

The great news is that we are offering a 20% discount until 19th September!

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