NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Hapi Drums

NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Hapi Drums

Soundiron Hapi Drums is a set of four steel tongue drums for Kontakt crafted by legendary instrument makers Grahm Doe & Tricia Kelly.

Steel tongue instruments are known for a smooth fundamental tone wrapped in a haze of complex harmonics and a long, mellow sustain. Hapi Drum is one of the oldest and highest quality steel tongue drum makers in the world, with unique body designs and tuning options and clear, rich notes that cut cleanly through clusters of carefully-balanced lush, swirling overtones.

Key Features:

  • 2 Master presets and 20 Custom Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets
  • Four drums sampled with soft rubber mallets, hard metal picks, and nylon jazz brushes.
  • 133 Ambience patches created from the source content
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format.
  • 13,624 stereo samples in locked .ncw format

Save 30% until 29th December 2020!