NEW RELEASE! Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium Lamellophones

NEW RELEASE! Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium Lamellophones

Soundiron Hopkin Instrumentarium: Lamellophones is a massive compendium of 17 experimental musical instruments for Kontakt from the mind of master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin.

Soundiron Lamellophones incorporates all previous Hopkin Instrumentarium libraries, plus two new and exclusive instruments – Cat's Face and CÍque. 

Made of wood and steel, each custom creation has its own organic tonal flavour, multiple microphone positions, and hundreds of ambient soundscapes created from the source content.

Soundiron Lamellophones offers you a broad, flexible palette of musical colours and comes equipped with easy-to-use layer mixing, performance tools, 140 custom fx and ambient presets designed for instant inspiration. What's more it works with the free Kontakt Player!