NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Sonespheres 3 - Current

NEW RELEASE: Soundiron Sonespheres 3 - Current

Soundiron's Sonespheres 3 - Current is a series of uniquely sound-designed atmospheric synths, textural pads, evolving soundscapes, nuanced drones and tonal ambiences for Native Instruments Kontakt. Each volume explores film and tv composer and long-time Soundiron collaborator Blake Ewing's unique creative vision, delving into deeper aesthetics, stylised niches and speciality production concepts.

Sonespheres 3 - Current was crafted using an array of acoustic and electronic instruments, with a full array of essential user controls to unlock virtually limitless creative potential.

Blake brings to his craft a brilliant ear for nuanced layering, rich detail, fluid textures and powerful emotional weight. Blake is an American composer with a concentrated interest in creating music for visual media.

If you're looking for an atmospheric sample library for your film or TV project Soundirons Sonespheres is the perfect library for you. This Kontakt file is perfect for that mellow cinematic scene whilst still allowing you to make all of the creative changes you could imagine.  

Product Specs

  • Product Version 1.0
  • 2.4 GB installed
  • 274 Samples
  • 21 .nki instrument presets
  • 24 bit / 48kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
  • Unlocked wav samples can be directly imported into almost any wav-compatible plugin or DAW


  • Depths - 2 Categories with 41 Presets
  • Harps - 1 Category with 3 Presets
  • Impacts - 1 Category with 10 Presets
  • Pianos - 1 Category with 15 Presets
  • Seabeds - 2 Categories with 51 Presets
  • Shallows - 2 Categories with 40 Presets
  • Bass Synths - 1 Category with 24 Presets
  • Tides - 2 Categories with 65 Presets

What are you waiting for don't you think it's time to unlock your creativity? 

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