New Release: Soundiron Tbilat Drums

New Release: Soundiron Tbilat Drums

They say all good things come in threes and that's certainly the case with Soundiron! We've been treated to not one, not two, but three new releases over the last week, and all of them pack enough of a punch to make a serious case for being the latest addition to your setup.

Tbilat Drum is a percussive sound library featuring the sounds of a traditional Moroccan Tbilat Drum, which excels at authentically capturing the spirit and emotion of the original instrument. This is particularly impressive as the intricate designs of the pots and wrappings and tonal versatility of these instruments are an excellent example of their long and rich creative Moroccon heritage.

With over 3481 stereo samples and a choice between .nki or wav files, Tbilat drum is an in-depth library that will slide straight into your setup. 

Plus, if you pick it up before 22nd July you'll save 33%!

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