NEW RELEASE: Strezov Sampling FrameDrum X3M

NEW RELEASE: Strezov Sampling FrameDrum X3M

For years the Middle Eastern frame drum has been a constant colour in many soundtracks and music productions all over the world. Now Strezov Sampling have applied their sampling philosophy to the various instruments of the frame drum family to create a very organic and fresh sounding sample library.

Strezov Sampling also expanded the sonic palette of the traditional frame drum sound by adding other instruments, which enhance, but don't alter the aesthetics of the basic sound too much. Therefore FrameDrum X3M doesn't just consist of the same stuff we have all heard countless times before, but features new and yet unheard instrument combinations breathing life into your percussive arrangements.

This combined with Strezov Sampling's superb X3M percussion engine makes FrameDrum X3M a joy to play.

Buy before 21st September and save 20%.

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