New Release: The Unfinished Minima for u-He's Zebra synth

New Release: The Unfinished Minima for u-He's Zebra synth

The Unfinished's range of synth expansion packs are among the finest in the world. In fact it came as no surprise to us when so many of our producer and composer friends deemed it worthy of place in their top 5 plugins of 2017.

Fast-forward to 2018 and their latest release 'Zebra Minima' may just be one of the finest Zebra expansion packs available. It is designed for slow and steady drama. Simplicity is everything and Minima has been created to provide the heartbeat for your dramatic scoring.

Inspired by scores such as Broadchurch, Hinterland and Mr Robot, the focus of Minima is on underscore and rhythm; supportive sounds to underpin your music.

Don't currently own u-He's Zebra2 synthesiser? Pick it up from Time+Space today, and we'll send you an extra expansion pack for free! Therefore if you get u-He Zebra2 and Zebra Minima, you'll end up with an incredibly versatile virtual synth and two extra pro-quality expansion packs from The Unfinished!

What are you waiting for? Click here for more information on Zebra Minima.

Or click here for more information on u-He Zebra2.