NEW RELEASE: Cinesamples Cinebrass Sonore is here!

NEW RELEASE: Cinesamples Cinebrass Sonore is here!

After much teasing Cinesamples finally release Cinebrass Sonore. This Kontakt powered brass virtual instrument, recorded at the Sony Pictures Scoring Stage, will give you even more options with your brass instrumentation.

Sonor (adj.) means resonant; full-bodied. When "sonor" is written in a musical score, it indicates that musicians should play with the maximum resonance, body and tone they can – a thick, warm sound is called "sonore."

As a result of recording horns and trumpets played this way, compared to other Cinebrass libraries, Cinebrass Sonore delivers a wider, more open sound that takes up more room in the mix at a mezzo-forte dynamic.

Strongly influenced by the organic processes employed by the great film composers of orchestral music, Cinesamples selected articulations specifically for the creation of melodies.

Now you can get Cinebrass Sonore with an introductory 15% off until 5th February 2020