NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp

Introducing Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp - we think it's the most utterly unique and inspiring EZkeys to date!

EZkeys Hybrid Harp encompasses five individual instruments – a harp, a nyckelharpa, two harmoniums, ocarinas and a bowed glockenspiel – all layered, textured and saturated in various capacities to form unique and never-before-heard hybrids of sounds. 

This vastly puzzling audio universe of plucking, percussive, soaring, airy, beautiful and ever-so-slightly dissonant sounds, will ignite ideas in abundance for all types of music but especially for ambient soundscapes, scores and sound design. 

Of the release, Toontrack's Head of Sound Design and Hybrid Harps 'inventor' Mattias Eklund said "I wanted it to feel unpredictable – like each preset was its own out-of-this-world sound that came when you pressed an invisible button on this weird steampunk-looking machine. [...] I hope these sounds give birth to boatloads of new songs around the world!"

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  • Five types of individually captured instrument types
  • Each instrument can be called up individually using the ‘Raw Tweaks’ presets.
  • In excess of 40 mix-ready presets, offering creative instrument blends of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds.
  • For any type of music or production – ideally ambient soundscapes, scores and sound design.