NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZkeys Movie Scores Action MIDI

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZkeys Movie Scores Action MIDI

Action packed is the only way to describe the latest Toontrack EZkeys Scores Action MIDI.  Song, riff and soundtrack ideas inspired by the action and suspense genre.

Imagine a menacing spacecraft ominously hovering over a metropolitan city. Or someone running terrified, falling and stumbling through a dark patch of the deep woods. Or a car chase on the freeway in rush hour traffic. Or a squeaky door, slowly opening… What do you hear?

This collection of Toontrack EZkeys MIDI has captured every thinkable narrative suited for your action and suspense-packed soundtracks or song ideas. Expect anything from the haunting, ghastly and deceptively calm to the pulsating, menacing and percussive.

Inspired by the great composers of film and TV you just drag, drop, combine, change and rearrange. Start writing!

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