NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Classic Rock EZX

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Classic Rock EZX

New Toontrack Classic Rock EZX bursts loud, reverberant rock from the onset!

If you’re looking to produce grooves that don’t make any excuses, you’re in luck. Welcome to the sound of rumbling thunder and an EZX literally chock- full of rock.

The Classic Rock EZX is designed to provide the ultimate source for instant classic rock gold and comes with two kits as well as several additional instruments and extras derived from Eddie Kramer's Legacy of Rock SDX!

Key Features:

  • Two complete drum kits, tailored for a big, reverberant classic rock sound

  • Recorded by Eddie Kramer at the AIR Studios in London, UK

  • Inspired by Eddie’s work with classic rock bands and drummers of the ’60s and ’70s, particularly Led Zeppelin and John Bonham

  • Includes extras such as timpani, a gong and several kit pieces

  • Includes drums sampled with sticks, mallets and snare wires off

  • A broad selection of presets for an instant mix-ready sound

  • A collection of drum MIDI grooves and fills also inspired by Eddie’s illustrious classic rock discography.

The Classic Rock EZX requires EZdrummer 2 here and Superior Drummer 3



The Classic Rock EZX comes with two mix-ready drum sets, both derived from the five kits featured in the Legacy of Rock SDX. The EZX is best described as a slimmed down version of the SDX, both in terms of number of instruments, available articulations, microphones and mixer channel options. The EZX was produced to provide a specific type of mix-ready sound while the SDX, in addition to its large pool of presets, features raw and unprocessed drum tones.

Looking for an instant classic rock sound – go for the EZX. Looking for all the options you need to mix, match and design the kits of your wildest dreams – go for the SDX.