NEW RELEASE - Toontrack EZX Duality 1 & 2

NEW RELEASE - Toontrack EZX Duality 1 & 2

Toontrack have released not one but two EZX expansions, Duality I and Duality II

Peace and war, love and hate, good and evil, yin and yang, heaven and hell, light and dark, fire and ice – these two EZXs for EZdrummer 2 (and Superior Drummer 3celebrate one of the oldest and most fabled truths known to man: Duality.

Welcome to two contrasting batteries of drums that balance on the divide between clamouring sonic ideals – each great on its own, but closing the circle facing one another. Just like in sound as in life, the utter darkness knows no contrast and the blinding light sees no shade – the frontier of new ideas lies open for the taking in the uncharted grayscale in between.