NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZX Gospel

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack EZX Gospel

Toontrack are back with another expansion for EZdrummer 2! Introducing EZX Gospel a journey in gospel drums – from the ’40s through to today.

Toontrack EZX Gospel gives you the power of rhythm and the legacy of a genre whose DNA over the course of history has seeped through to almost any facet of music imaginable, with its versatility and uniqueness. From R&B and soul to rock, hip-hop, fusion and beyond...

With its four fundamentally different sets of tonal characteristics, this EZX covers the entire scope and paints an impressive sonic image – from the open-sounding tones of the early 1940s and the dry, muffled and tight ones of the 1960s to the punchy, distinct and crystal clear sound of today.

Welcome to a collection of drums that encapsulates the essence of one of the most powerful and uniting forms of musical expression: gospel.

Gospel EZX Key Features: 

  • Drum tones inspired by gospel music from the 1940s through to today
  • Engineered and produced by seven-time Grammy Award-winner Danny Duncan.
  • Sampled by noted gospel drummer Calvin Rodgers
  • Recorded at Paragon Studios in Nashville, TN
  • Three complete drum sets, one dampened kit configuration and a wide range of cymbals.
  • Handclaps, foot stomps, snaps, shakers and tambourines
  • Includes custom presets engineered by Danny Duncan
  • Comes with MIDI performed by Calvin Rodgers

Please Note: EZX Gospel requires EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3