NEW RELEASE - Toontrack Goth Rock EZkeys MIDI Pack

NEW RELEASE - Toontrack Goth Rock EZkeys MIDI Pack

Continuing Rocktober, Toontrack release an EZkeys MIDI pack, Goth Rock!

If you are looking for some MIDI inspiration for your rocking productions, look no further than these amazing MIDI packs by Toontrack. They have everything you need to create hard-hitting tracks in no time!

Goth Rock EZkeys MIDI Pack

Toontrack Goth Rock, the offshoot of post-punk that paved the way for not only fashion, literature and film but also an entire sub-culture, truly defined an era.

This collection of EZkeys MIDI was inspired by not only the obvious poster bands of the heydays but also the trailblazing acts that got the ball rolling long before the word goth was even uttered.

Expect the gloom of doom, the striking hooks of new wave and the unmistakable nods to industrial – all submerged in that signature melancholia that is the very essence of goth as we know it.

Key Features

  • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by gothic and melancholic, dark rock 
  • Performed by a professional session player
  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections