NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Latin Rhythms Drum MIDI

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Latin Rhythms Drum MIDI

Introducing the brand new Toontrack Latin Rhythms Drum MIDI...

This collection of MIDI was designed to give you a broad-stroke overview of the tremendous wealth in rhythms and patterns that can be traced back to traditional Latin music. Expect a veritable palette of percussive colors, all expertly performed by Mauricio Herrera – a Cuban native and Grammy Award-nominated drummer with more than 25 years’ worth of experience behind the kit.


  • Grooves and fills inspired by traditional Latin and Cuban music (salsa, songo, merengue, cha- cha-cha, mambo and more).
  • Played by drummer Mauricio Herrera
  • Each category contains several eight-bar variations in increasing complexity, fills as well as a continuous 32-bar or longer performance

Get your Groove on with these amazing new sounds!