NEW RELEASES: Toontrack release one SDX and two EZXs for Metal Month!

NEW RELEASES: Toontrack release one SDX and two EZXs for Metal Month!

Death & Darkness SDX merges two studios, two engineers and 184 GB of raw drum sounds. Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen Combined, gives you a truly diverse and all-encompassing collection of drums designed to cater to any facet fragmented scene looking to expand their Superior drummer 3.

Feature Spotlight 

  • Nine (9) complete kits 
  • A total of 19 bass drums, 19 snare drums, 35 cymbals and more
  • Recorded at two different studios: Sonic Ranch, TX, (by Mark Lewis) and Antfarm Studios, Denmark, (by Tue Madsen)
  • Sampled with extreme attention to detail and articulation
  • Configured as two sound libraries, one for each studio
  • Includes custom mix presets engineered by Mark Lewis, Tue Madsen and Toontrack
  • Sampled by drummers Sean Reinert and Michel Svane
  • Includes MIDI performed by Sean Reinert and Jay Postones (TesseracT)

A portion of the material recorded for the Death & Darkness SDX was also configured as two separate EZX expansions, the Death Metal EZX and the Dark Matter EZX. In general terms, the EZXs are best described as slimmed-down versions of the SDX, both in terms of the number of instruments, available articulations, microphones and mixer channel options. The EZXs were produced to each provide its unique type of mix-ready sound while the SDX, in addition to its large pool of presets, features raw and unprocessed drum tones.

EZdrummer 2 owner and looking for a mix-ready sound at the click of a button sound – go for any of the EZXs. Superior Drummer 3 owner looking for all the options you need to mix, match and design the kits of your wildest dreams – go for the SDX.


With Death Metal EZX, you get the touch and stroke of a legendary drummer combined with Mark Lewis’ engineering applied on two meticulously sampled and tuned drum kits, ready to bring your music into the future and add some new life to your death metal.

  • Two complete kits
  • Recorded by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder) at Sonic Ranch, TX


The Dark Matter EZX features two kits from the Death & Darkness SDX, mix-ready and tailored for metal, hardcore and heavy rock – optimal for any material that calls for drums of the unfriendly kind: ghastly, dark, raw and unpolished.

  • Two complete kits
  • Tailored for metal, hardcore and heavy rock