NEW RELEASE - Toontrack Upright EBX

NEW RELEASE - Toontrack Upright EBX

Toontrack Upright EBX welcomes the definition of a timeless tone, the iconic upright bass for EZbass!

The Toontrack Upright EBX comes with a handpicked, acoustic upright bass, sampled to capture the complex and unique hallmarks of this classic instrument. In addition to the sounds, it also includes a broad selection of presets as well as a custom content of MIDI basslines.

Double-bass, standup bass, contrabass, bass fiddle, violone or, as in our case, upright bass. Although it goes by many names, it’s one of those instruments that hardly needs one – you can distinguish it just at the strike of a note.

Toontrack Upright EBX Key Features:

  • A meticulously captured acoustic upright bass
  • Recorded using an onboard piezo pickup as well as five different microphone configurations
  • Includes a collection of presets covering a broad range of tones for various genres, styles and microphone blend.
  • Comes with a custom MIDI library tailored for the instrument and fretless/upright playing style.