NEW RELEASE: ujam Virtual Bassist 2

NEW RELEASE: ujam Virtual Bassist 2

ujam's popular Virtual Bassist software gets an update with new versions of all 3 of their realistic virtual basses - Mellow, Royal and Rowdy!

Whether you're new to the Virtual Bassist software or looking to upgrade, there is something for everyone to get excited about in these new updates. ROYAL is a fingered electric bass that delivers a broad range of professional studio bass sounds and styles. ROWDY is a loud-mouthed, twangy rock bass, leaning towards saturation and distortion with a rather rough picked sound and playing style. MELLOW stands for an acoustic double bass that provides body, bottom end and texture in Jazz, urban and soul genres.

Included in the update is 20 new styles and 30 new presets per bass as well as 15 multi-effect modes, MIDI Drag and Drop and backwards-compatibility, and that's on top of everything that is already included in all the previous versions, so plenty to explore!

Already own a Virtual Bassist? You can upgrade for just £26/26/$29! Or if you like the sound of all 3 basses you can take advantage of the Virtual Bassist 2 Bundle which combines all of the products at one great price.