NEW RELEASE: Ujam Virtual Guitarist CARBON

NEW RELEASE: Ujam Virtual Guitarist CARBON

Ujam's CARBON is decidedly dramatic and cinematic. It is the sound of hellfire inside an Icelandic volcano and also the sensitive instrumentation aboard a lonely space station orbiting the moons of Jupiter. It is heavy and in-your-face when pushed over the edge but also light-and-delicate when dialled down. Inject an instant, controlled blast of raw power or introduce a slowly evolving momentum to build up and carry a scene.

If you’re looking for powerful, modern and futuristic sounds that retain their raw organic character in any musical realm, there is a new answer now... CARBON.


  • Organic, distorted and processed rhythm guitar sounds for electronic music, soundtrack, rock and other contemporary music genres.
  • Instrument Mode lets you play a wide range of articulations on an amazing 8-string guitar, Player Mode comes with inspiring riffs and phrases.
  • Unique Layerer soundstage combining up to four guitarists for ultimate fatness.
  • Finisher multi-effect rack combining 20 cutting-edge effect algorithms into 100 presets, live-controlled or automated by one single knob.

Already a Ujam customer? Until the 17th November 2019 you can get CARBON for just £90/€99/$99!