NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax

NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax

Vienna Symphonic Library introduce the newest instalment of their popular Big Bang Orchestra series of tutti orchestra recordings – Fornax

For the pitched percussion library of BBO: Fornax, they captured exceptional combinations of instruments to create organic, rich and pioneering sounds.

BBO: Fornax includes several set-ups, categorized into Low Range and High Range instruments. Low Range instrument set-ups offer combinations of three pianos, plate bells, tubular bells, pitched gongs, taikos, timpani, and bass drum. For the “Big Timpani” set, for instance, a colossal sound was achieved by combining two timpani tuned in octaves with the odaiko (largest taiko) and the bass drum.

As with the previous percussion recordings of the Big Bang Orchestra series, the team sampled up to six musicians playing together in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, so you can expect the same high quality sounds throughout. 

BBO Fornax is now available with an introductory discount of over 30% off until 4th May!