NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede

NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede

Vienna Symphonic Library introduce the newest instalment of their popular Big Bang Orchestra series of tutti orchestra recordings - Ganymede

Ganymede offers you the classic individual sections of soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as several tutti patches. Giving you several variations of tutti mappings proves helpful for creating quick arrangements that sound great without the need for detailed orchestrating.

Key Features: 

  • Tutti Choir combines all sections into one powerful patch, all layered on top of each other.
  • Male/Female places the male ensembles in the lower octaves and the female ensembles in the higher octaves of the keyboard.
  • Choir Stacked blends the sections from the lowest to the highest register, keeping the natural ranges intact.
  • Tutti Effects includes major and minor chords, clusters, cluster glissandos, cluster builds and shouts. The clusters correspond to the Clusters A and B in Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye, performed by strings, brass and woodwinds, so it’s easy to create cohesive and stunning performances by the orchestra, elevated by a massive choir.