NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Orion & Neptune

NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Orion & Neptune

VSL add two new Woodwind libraries – Orion and Neptune – to their specialised Big Bang Orchestra series.

The Big Bang Orchestra series was created to provide big and bold orchestral sections allowing you to write tutti orchestral music quick and stress-free. All libraries are recorded at the prestigious Synchron Stage in Vienna; so far we have seen brass, strings, percussion and choirs, and now they introduce woodwinds to the series with Orion and Neptune.

Orion offers completely new recordings that can be seamlessly combined with the tutti recordings of the other Big Bang Orchestra modules to add even more and varied colours. As always, the Synchron Player offers mixer presets that blend perfectly well with all the other BBO sections and ensembles. What’s more, the “Processed” category offers mixer presets such as “Compressed”, “Sparkling”, “Distorted Delays” and many more.

Neptune, the “tutti” ensemble of all the woodwinds brings together 13 musicians with their diverse instruments, from the piccolo to the contrabassoon. Recording the rich and colourful sound of these assorted instruments as a group is ideal for showcasing the delicate balance and blend of the entire woodwind choir, particularly when employing Vienna’s finest players.

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